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May 24, 2023
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David Ilgenfritz Roastify Staff
frequently asked questions

Where do you source your coffee?

Our coffee is sourced from a variety of locations around the world. We work directly with importers to get coffees from South America, Africa, Asia, and Central America. We pride ourselves in ethically sourced coffee beans that are of the highest quality.

How long does it take for an order to ship to my customer?

Most orders are shipped within 1-2 business days. The Roastify app syncs directly with your e-commerce platform and immediately notifies our roasters when new orders are placed. These orders are placed directly into our fulfillment queue.ghest quality.

Do you roast the coffee yourselves?

All of our coffee is roasted in-house by our professional Roast Master’s. We do not work with any outside firms to source or roast our coffee. We are proud of the roast profiles and blends that we have developed and work hard to ensure that we are producing consistent products of the highest quality.

How does shipping work?

We charge $4.50 for the first bag ordered, and $1.25 for each additional bag in a given order. This means, for example, if you had a 3 bag order from your customer. You would pay $4.50 + $1.25 + $1.25 for a total of $7 in shipping. The larger a customers order, the more you save!

Will Roastify branding be anywhere on my products?

Nope! Your coffee bags will only have your branding on them, and the boxes we ship in will be nondescript plain cardboard boxes. None of the packing slips or return address information will have any indication to Roastify either.

What are the FDA requirements to label my coffee?

We make it very easy to ensure your coffee label is in compliance with all FDA regulations. To put it simply, you need the weight of the bag, the contents of the bag, and the verbiage “Manufactured for: XYZ Company (your legal brand name.) Our label generator will help guide your through this process!

How big is a normal sized bag of coffee?

The industry standard for a coffee bag is 12oz (or 340g) in weight. This is predominantly what we sell and is the most popular product for our merchants.

Can I sample the coffee before I decide to go with your company?

Absolutely! We sell a full sample pack of all of our current coffee offerings as well as individual 2oz samples of each coffee. We encourage people to try different roast types to get a good idea of what the different flavor profiles taste like.

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David Ilgenfritz

Written by David Ilgenfritz

David Ilgenfritz is a Co-Founder and CEO of Roastify, a modern coffee roasting and web technologies company based in Bend, Oregon. With over 8 years of experience in aerial mapping technology and UAV LiDAR through his previous company Flight Evolved, David brings a unique tech-focused perspective to... Learn More

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