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Brew Up Customer Loyalty: How to Get Customers Dropshipping

July 28, 2023
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Jackson Carpenter Roastify Staff
How to Get Customers Dropshipping


Building customer loyalty is key for any dropshipping business, but especially important in the competitive coffee industry. This article will provide actionable tips to help you retain customers and encourage repeat purchases. We’ll cover strategies like rewards programs, discounts for loyal customers, personalized email marketing, and going above and beyond with excellent customer service. You’ll learn how to build relationships through social media and community engagement. With the right mix of incentives, consistency, and relationship-building, you can develop an army of loyal coffee customers that refer others and buy from you again and again!

I. Establishing Trust and Consistency

Building trust and consistency is the foundation for creating loyal, repeat customers. There are three key strategies to focus on in this area:

Provide High Quality Coffee

When it comes to providing high quality coffee, you’ll want to source your beans from reputable suppliers and cup and sample different roasts to choose ones your customers will love. Invest in good roasting equipment if you are roasting beans yourself, and focus on achieving the perfect roast for each bean. Freshness is critical, so only ship roasted beans within 48 hours of roasting. Offer light, medium and dark roast styles to appeal to varied customer tastes. Share details on your sourcing, roasting and freshness practices to highlight the care you put into quality.

Guarantee Freshness

You can guarantee freshness by utilizing fast shipping to get coffee to customers quickly after roasting. Use packaging techniques like vacuum sealing to lock in aroma and flavor. Make sure to provide roast dates and “best by” dates clearly on packaging. Accept returns or refunds if a customer feels their coffee wasn’t optimally fresh when they received it. Be transparent about your average shipping times and your freshness promise.

Maintain Consistent Branding

Create a polished brand identity complete with logo, color scheme and style that represents your business. Make sure to apply this branding consistently across your packaging, website, emails, advertisements and any other customer touch points. Have clear branding guidelines and ensure your partners and suppliers follow them. Respond to customer communication using a consistent voice and tone aligned with your brand personality. Establishing authority through consistent branding will help customers learn to trust and rely on you.

II. Creating Incentives for Repeat Purchases

Once you’ve built a solid foundation of quality and consistency, the next step is giving customers incentives to purchase from you again and again.

Offering discounts or rewards for loyal buyers promotes repeat purchases. Consider an initial signup promo like 10% off their first order. With each subsequent order, the customer earns points towards their next discount.

You could also offer a simple loyalty program like buy 10 bags, get the 11th free. Send reminder emails when customers are close to their next freebie.

  • Surprise upgrades are another incentive - include an extra bag of beans or a logo mug with their order unexpectedly.

Send occasional discount codes by email or text to encourage reorders. Promote seasonal flavors or new bean origins with special pricing.

Accepting subscriptions for regular monthly deliveries provides convenience while securing recurring sales. Some potential websites you should give a look:

  • ReCharge: ReCharge is a popular subscription platform for Shopify that allows you to easily set up and manage recurring billing for your products and services.
  • Bold Subscriptions: Bold Subscriptions is another excellent Shopify app that enables you to create customizable subscription plans and manage recurring orders effortlessly.
  • is a powerful rewards and loyalty program app for Shopify that helps you build customer loyalty and engagement through points, referrals, and other incentives.
  • PayWhirl Recurring Payments: PayWhirl Recurring Payments app allows you to create custom subscription plans, set up installment payments, and manage recurring billing seamlessly.

Promote referral and affiliate programs, rewarding customers who refer new buyers. This taps into word-of-mouth marketing.

Small yet meaningful incentives remind customers there are perks to purchasing directly from you. Loyalty programs show you value long-term support. Done right, these investments pay off in consistent, satisfying repeat purchases.

III. Providing Excellent Customer Service

Superior customer service keeps buyers loyal and satisfied. Here are some tips:

  • Fast shipping is expected - use carriers like USPS Priority or UPS to deliver orders quickly. Research shows 72% of customers consider shipping speed a primary factor when buying online.
  • Go above and beyond to resolve any customer issues promptly and fairly. Empower staff to make reasonable decisions to satisfy unhappy customers.
  • Provide personal touches - handwritten notes, special packaging, or small gifts show customers you care.
  • Make it easy to contact you - have responsive email, chat, phone and social media support. According to one report, 38% of customers will abandon a brand after just one bad experience.
  • Surprise and delight - occasionally include free samples, discounts or small upgrades to spark joy.
  • Seek feedback regularly - this could be via:
    • Email surveys - ask how the customer’s experience was
    • Monitoring social media - keep pulse on customer sentiment
    • Reviews - actively invite and respond professionally to reviews
  • Train staff on your brand promise and consistent voice. Ensure excellent service across all channels.

Delivering an exceptional, personalized service experience cements customer loyalty. Going the extra mile shows customers you value them and makes them excited to purchase again.

IV. Building Relationships

Customer Loyalty Forging genuine relationships and a sense of community deepens customer loyalty. Consider these strategies:

  • Send regular email newsletters with bean highlights, brew tips, new products and promotions. Include personalized touches like referring to past purchases. According to OptinMonster, segmented campaigns have a 14.31% higher open rate.
  • Engage actively on social media - share coffee content, highlight customers, respond to comments etc. Social media drives 31% of e-commerce site traffic according to Digital Commerce 360.
  • Create a customer loyalty program with tiered benefits. This fosters a sense of exclusivity. Popular perks include free shipping, members-only deals, early access to new products, and earning points towards future purchases.
  • Host free coffee tastings, classes or meetups for local customers to connect in-person.
  • Sponsor local events or partner with charities aligned to your values. This cultivates goodwill.
  • Offer creative customer rewards like coffee farm tours or barista classes for top buyers.
  • Share origin stories and production details to educate customers invested in your brand mission.

Building a community beyond just transactions creates an emotional connection between customers and your brand. This drives loyalty, advocacy and meaningful relationships that translate to repeat purchases.

V. Getting Customer Feedback

Understanding your customers’ needs and preferences through regular feedback is invaluable for building loyalty.

  • Send post-purchase surveys via email to gather data on the customer experience. Ask about satisfaction, likelihood to reorder, desired improvements etc.
  • Make it easy to leave online reviews. Reviews boost SEO and social proof.
  • Monitor social media for any comments, complaints or praise. Be proactive in resolving issues promptly in public channels.
  • Leverage referral programs to unlock customer insights. By incentivizing sharing, you can discover why customers love your brand and what brings them back.
Referral Program Ideas
- Give $10 off for both referrer and referee
- Free coffee sampler for 5 successful referrals
- Monthly prize draw for top referrers

Continuously gathering customer input through surveys, monitoring social channels, and creative incentives helps you meet and exceed buyer expectations. This propels loyalty and repeat purchases over the long-term.


Building an army of loyal, repeat purchasers takes strategy and commitment. By establishing trust through quality and consistency, providing incentives and excellent service, forging relationships and a community, and actively seeking customer feedback, coffee dropshippers can cultivate lifetime buyers. Keep delighting customers, innovating your offerings, and reinforcing your brand promise through every interaction. Loyal customers become your best marketers. With the right foundation, your dropshipping business can gain momentum through word-of-mouth and repeat sales.


Q: What is the best way to incentivize customers to make repeat purchases?

A: Offering rewards programs, loyalty tiers with special perks, surprise upgrades, and discounts/promo codes for repeat customers are some of the most effective ways to incentivize repeat purchases. Make customers feel valued.

Q: How often should I send email newsletters or promotional emails to customers?

A: Avoid sending too many emails as this can be perceived as spammy. For promotional content like coupons or sales, once a month or less is ideal. For more value-driven content like brewing tips or origin stories, every 2-4 weeks is reasonable. Segment your list and only send emails customers have consented to.

Q: What are some examples of surprise delights I can include in coffee orders?

A: Free samples of new roasts or products, handwritten thank you notes, coupons, branded items like mugs or stickers, chocolate bars, and temporary discounts like 15% off their next order are some ideas. Get creative with pairing coffee-related surprises to delight your customers!

Jackson Carpenter

Written by Jackson Carpenter

Jackson Carpenter brings his creative spirit and marketing expertise to his role as Co-Founder and Director of Marketing & Sales at Roastify. With years of experience founding and leading his own media production and marketing consulting companies, Jackson oversees all branding, communications, and ... Learn More

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