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How to choose a White Label Coffee Roaster

July 17, 2023
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David Ilgenfritz Roastify Staff
White Label Coffee Roaster


Choosing the right white label coffee roaster is a crucial decision for any budding coffee entrepreneur, ensuring both high-quality products and seamless integration with your brand.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the world of white label coffee roasters, covering everything from understanding their benefits to selecting the perfect partner for your business needs.

Key Takeaways

  • White label coffee and private label coffee are two different services provided by wholesale coffee roasters, with white label referring to a ready-made product that the customer can brand as their own, while private label involves creating a custom coffee blend.
  • When selecting a white label coffee roaster, important factors to consider include quality and consistency of roasted beans, customization options for packaging and branding support, marketing assistance, pricing and contract terms.
  • While we hope that you choose to give us a chance at Roastify, some other folks to check out include Orinoco Coffee & Tea, Joe’s Garage Coffee and Bellwether Coffee. Essential questions to ask potential partners include minimum order requirements, sourcing practices for coffee beans and certifications for ethical sourcing. If you’d like to get started with us Click Here to Start White Labeling Coffee

Understanding White Label Coffee And Private Label Coffee

White label coffee and private label coffee are two different services provided by wholesale coffee roasters, with white label referring to a ready-made product that the customer can brand as their own, while private label involves creating a custom blend.

Key Differences Between White Label And Private Label Coffee

The key differences between white label and private label coffee can significantly impact your coffee business strategy. Understanding these differences will help you make the best decision when choosing a white label coffee roaster.

White Label CoffeePrivate Label Coffee
Rebranding and marketing existing coffee blends.Creating a custom blend specifically for your brand that is unique to your own flavor profile.
Usually has a lower cost due to pre-existing productsCharges an extra fee of around $1-$2 per pound of coffee for custom blends. Generally they also require minimum order quantities.
Focuses on custom packaging and labelingMay include additional services such as toll roasting and dropshipping.
Less control over individual products and qualityGives the customer the ability to create a signature blend with branded coffee.
Faster marketing process due to pretested products.Requires more time to develop, launch, and market the custom coffee brand.

Advantages and Disadvantages of White Label Coffee

White label coffee offers various advantages and disadvantages over private label (or other options) that should be carefully considered before making a decision. This will help businesses understand the potential benefits and drawbacks of choosing a white label coffee roaster. The following table summarizes these points:

Cost-effective option for retailersLess control and personalization compared to private label coffee
Allows retailers to sell generic products under their brandMay require minimum order requirements or increased prices
Can increase margins when compared to private label coffeeWhite label coffee may not be as unique as private label options
Easier to manage as it involves less customizationProfitability depends on proper management and planning
Can benefit from the expertise of established coffee roastersMay not offer additional services like private label coffee suppliers

What To Look For In A White Label Coffee Roaster

When selecting a white label coffee roaster, it is important to consider factors such as quality and consistency of the roasted beans, customization options for packaging and branding, marketing assistance, pricing and contract terms.

Quality And Consistency

Quality and consistency are crucial factors to consider when choosing a white label coffee roaster. As a retailer or business owner, your reputation depends on the ability to deliver excellent-tasting, high-quality coffee consistently to your customers.

To assess their commitment to delivering consistent quality, inquire about how these roasters source their coffee. At Roastify, we cover that in detail here: How We Source

Additionally, you may ask for samples of different beans roasted at various levels – this will give you an idea of how well they can tailor their service to meet your specific needs while maintaining exceptional taste profiles. To try our coffee out… head over here Sample Packs →

You should also check customer testimonials or reviews online for evidence of previous clients’ satisfaction with the roaster’s product offerings.

Customization Options

A crucial factor to consider when choosing a white label coffee roaster is the availability of customization options. Customization enables customers to tailor their products according to their brand’s unique specifications, which can help increase customer loyalty and attract new buyers.

Customers should look for partners that offer various customization options such as selecting different varieties of beans, roast levels, and flavors.

For instance, at Roastify, our online app includes a full suite designer allowing you to create an entirely custom label for your white label coffee. Timely shipments with resealable kraft tin tie poly-lined bags or FDA grade bags are guaranteed during dropshipping orders straight from our warehouse.

Packaging And Branding Support

Packaging and branding support is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a white label coffee roaster. A good partner should offer attractive packaging options that align with your brand’s identity and vision.

This could include foil valve bags, resealable kraft tin tie poly-lined bags, or FDA grade bags for optimal freshness. For an example, check out some of our clients bags down below.

Marketing And Merchandising Assistance

Marketing and merchandising assistance are crucial components to consider when choosing a white label coffee roaster. A reputable roaster should not only provide high-quality products but also support retailers with marketing and branding materials, including customized packaging, logos, and product descriptions.

The right roaster should help you establish a unique brand identity that stands out among competitors while attracting new customers through social media campaigns, online marketplaces like Shopify and B2B commerce platforms.

Pricing And Contract Terms

One of the most critical considerations when choosing a white label coffee roaster is pricing and contract terms. Private label partners often have a minimum purchase requirement, and they may charge a premium if it is not met, or the customer may have to buy in bulk before making any overhead.

Additionally, private label coffee roasters charge an extra fee, usually $1-$2 per pound, for using the customer’s packaging and roast preferences. It’s crucial to understand these fees upfront as they can significantly impact your overall profitability margin.

When considering a white-label partner, you should inquire about subscription fees, cart minimums, roasting capacity, toll fees, shipping costs as well as labeling designs that align with your brand image and target market.

Essential Questions To Ask Potential White Label Coffee Roasters

  • What is your minimum order requirement, and what happens if I don’t meet it?
  • Can I order samples of your coffee blends for tasting?
  • How do you source your coffee beans, and what certifications do you have for ethical and sustainable sourcing?
  • Do you offer customization options for packaging and labeling, and at what cost?
  • What is your process for quality control and ensuring consistent roasting?


Choosing the right white label coffee roaster can be a game changer for your business. By understanding the benefits of white labeling.and knowing what to look for in a potential partner. You can align your brand with a provider that shares your values, meets your needs, and helps your business grow.

When looking for the right partner, remember the key factors to consider:

  • Quality and consistency of the coffee
  • Customization options
  • Packaging and branding support
  • Marketing and merchandising assistance
  • Pricing and contract terms

At Roastify, we understand the complexities of choosing the right partner. We take pride in our commitment to delivering high-quality, consistent coffee roasts. With our customizable options, branding support, and affordable pricing, we aim to make the process of launching your own coffee brand as simple as possible.

If you’re ready to start your journey with us, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’d love to partner with you and help bring your unique coffee vision to life.


1. What should I consider when choosing a white label coffee roaster?

When choosing a white label coffee roaster, you want to consider their quality standards, pricing structure, production capabilities, and shipping timelines. It is important to find a supplier with experience in producing roasted coffee blends that match your preferences in both flavor profile and roast style.

2. How do I evaluate the quality of the beans used by a potential white label coffee roaster?

You can request samples from several different suppliers so that you can compare them side-by-side and taste test each one. Additionally, pay close attention to where the beans are sourced and how they’re processed as this will impact their overall quality and taste.

3. Can I provide my own packaging designs or must I use what is provided by the white label coffee roaster?

Most reputable white-label coffee vendors will allow clients to customize packaging design; however, terms & conditions could vary depending upon the size of order placed relative to the supplier’s standard operating procedures. It is best practice to inquire about customization policies well before committing to final purchase orders so there aren’t any misunderstandings around branding expectations along with necessary packaging specifications like sizes/materials required for producing the intended look.

Interested in giving Roastify a try? Head over here to sign up and design your first bag!

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Written by David Ilgenfritz

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